EMF Strahlung unterbinden mit Qi-Technologies

How harmful is radiation?

This question is frequently asked of our customer service team. To answer this question, we have to distinguish between the different sorts of radiation. Most of these, e.g. radioactive radiation or low-frequency electromagnetic fields, are accurately graded and classified and their effects known. So we know precisely the levels above which they become harmful, and what we can do about it.

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Study results on the subject of wireless network frequencies

The following article gives you information if you want to find out how our fertility is impaired by cell phones and wireless networks. You can find up-to-date studies and tips on how to deal with this issue here:

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What is cosmic radiation?

Cosmic radiation – the radiation our body is exposed to when we fly with an airplane. The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (“Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz “) is the authority charged with determining when hazardous levels of radiation are reached, and whether you as someone traveling by plane should be concerned about those radiation levels.

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handy tablet umgang mit der Strahlung

Rules for handling cell phone and tablet

How should you handle your cell phone and tablet? What should you bear in mind when using them? These questions are elucidated in the following article. We also consider the tips for children very helpful and practically oriented. Read more

zellen im strahlenstress

Interesting article “Cells suffering from Radiation Stress”

Just glancing at the content of the brochure “Cells suffering from Radiation Stress” (German article: “Zellen im Strahlenstress” published by the website www.diagnose-funk.org) suffices to realize why this report should definitely be read:

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mobilfunk strahlung chronologie

A chronology on the subject of mobile communication

We consider this to be one of the most interesting articles. It will give you supra-national information and great insights about the level of awareness we have reached with regard to this topic.