Study results on the subject of wireless network frequencies

The following article gives you information if you want to find out how our fertility is impaired by cell phones and wireless networks. You can find up-to-date studies and tips on how to deal with this issue here:


We at Qi-Technologies are partners by your side. We do not only provide you with solid information and scientific findings; we have also developed devices with which you can tackle these problems effectively.

Upon request, we will gladly send you a PDF document with statements by doctors and scientists on the significance of the study overview entitled (in German) “Biologische und pathologische Wirkungen der 2,45 GHz auf Zellen, Fruchtbarkeit, Gehirn und Verhalten (“Biological and Pathological Effects of the 2.45 GHz Frequency on Cells, Fertility, Brain and Behavior”) as well as a six-page reading sample from the review section.

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