zellen im strahlenstress

Interesting article “Cells suffering from Radiation Stress”

Just glancing at the content of the brochure “Cells suffering from Radiation Stress” (German article: “Zellen im Strahlenstress” published by the website www.diagnose-funk.org) suffices to realize why this report should definitely be read:

Brain damage caused by electromagnetic fields

New research results on the blood-brain barrier

Effects of radiation on spermatozoa, ovaries and embryos

Medical Council issues warning about the endangerment of fertility · Embryotoxicity: a warning to pregnant women · Cell death by radiation exposure: dying-off fly eggs · The microwave syndrome

A damage mechanism now verified: EMF provoke free radicals

Free radicals, the stressor in the organism · Electromagnetic fields (EMF) provoke free radicals · EMF render the cell defenseless

The inhibition of the cell´s energy production – EMFs eat away energy

The inhibition of ATP production · The effect of EMFs on the cellular respiratory chain · EMFs trigger a spiral of illness by inducing oxidative stress · The energy thesis as diversion from the actual damage mechanisms · Interactions of cell-damaging mechanisms triggered by electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones and towers

How you can protect yourself

Removing potential hazards in the home and workplace · Becoming socially active · Demands of the citizens´ movement · 10-point program of the German Friends of the Earth (German: Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) · On organized irresponsibility, court commissions and the “going gaga” of science

You can find the article here:


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