EMF Strahlung unterbinden mit Qi-Technologies

How harmful is radiation?

This question is frequently asked of our customer service team. To answer this question, we have to distinguish between the different sorts of radiation. Most of these, e.g. radioactive radiation or low-frequency electromagnetic fields, are accurately graded and classified and their effects known. So we know precisely the levels above which they become harmful, and what we can do about it.

The big question which so far could not be answered finally and definitely refers to the realm of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, among them wireless networks, cell phone networks, radar and others.

This is the technology we use on a daily basis and which also affects us even if we personally don’t use it, like the mobile phone network which is active around the clock, no matter if you are in possession of a cell phone or not.

The World Health Organization has now issued a statement to the degree that this kind of radiation is “potentially cancerogenic”.

To form your own opinion, you can find the article (in German) here:


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